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Hand Fired and Embellished Pieces

"Odd Boxes"

Originally created in 1993, these little boxes of all odd shapes and sizes were a creative staple for me as I began to explore the art of acrylic paint on paper mache.  Now I am happy to share all kinds of embellishments and experiments on these wonderful and versatile boxes.  Each one you see is unique, a one of a kind creation.  I am no longer creating mass amounts of any one of these.  If you would like to order multiple pieces there is a possibility of the items being available - please email me:

Moonstone and Mugwort Mini Star Box *1
A beautiful piece of Moonstone {a stone of "new beginnings" - a stone of the moon and intuition plus many other wonderful attributes ~ I have done a parchment set on this awesome gem that can be found in my Crystals, Gemstones and Chakras Page.

Mugwort was added to compliment Moonstone's reputation for being a psychic enhancer and stone of prophecy.  Mugwort is used to clean items one would use for such activities involving divination, scrying and channeling.

This is a mini box measuring approximately 2 inches across and 1 inch high

One of a kind!